Madrid Vacation – What Can Make Your Trip A Memorable One


Vacation in Madrid, the capital of Spain, will definitely leave you in awe. It is definitely going to be a breathtaking and overwhelming experience. Enjoying all that Madrid has to offer will most likely be unattainable in just one trip. Ultimately, you need several weeks to finish. The incredible list of attractions packed in Madrid needs more time but most people don’t have the time. Plan your Madrid trip the right way and you’ll get the most from your trip.


Walking tour of Madrid

A walking tour of Madrid brings you up close and personal with locals. Start your walk from the famous street, otherwise known as  La Gran Via, where you get to feel the flavor of Madrid. The famous street is also a great spot for shopping. Browse through the shops here and pick a few items of your choice. Going further, you will see lots of incredible architectures and monuments. Majority of the attractions in Madrid are within walking distances. Do not forget to pack a good pair of comfortable walking shoes.



Art enthusiasts will love it here. There are great museums that are just hard to ignore. These museums house several incredible artifacts. The Prado Museum is home to lots of ancient history. Here time flies so fast while exploring the beautiful works of world renowned artists including Rembrandt, Fra Angelico, Bosch and many others. Not satisfied with the artworks on display at the Prado Museum, then head to Caixa Forum. Here you will be greeted with extra ordinary arts collections on display. Learn more about the city ancient history at the Thyssen-Bornemisza where you will find great collections of paintings and sculptures dating back several centuries. Your Madrid sightseeing will be considered incomplete without visiting the Reina Sofia Museum. Here you will find the world famous Picasso artwork called Guernica. This painting expresses the tragic incident that happened to locals residing in the village named Guernica. Historically, the village was destroyed by the Nazis during the Spanish Civil War in 1937.

Nature and Recreational Activities

After exploring the museums, you may want to spend some time in a relaxed environment while savoring the serenity of nature. The Royal Botanical Garden is an ideal location for those looking to relax and see unique species of plants. Another great spot to relax is the Retiro Park, renowned for being the largest and the most popular recreational center in Madrid. For the adventurous traveler looking for some adrenaline filled activities, then the Case de Campo Park is just a perfect location. The park is, without doubt, the largest in the city of Madrid. Some of the fun filled activities to enjoy include jogging, playing soccer, bike riding amongst others. Located within the park is the popular Zoological Garden which houses several unique species of animal. Asides being home to a wide range of animals, the zoo also features an aviary, dolphinarium and aquarium.

Notably, there is an incredible theme park located close to the zoo with plenty of attractions for the entire family member. For a chance to catch panoramic views of the city, check out the Faro de Moncloa tower located by Plaze de Moncloa Square. Also, the Edificio de Espana, towering 117 meters from ground level is another vantage point to catch a bird’s eye view of Madrid.

Remarkably, Madrid is a popular cultural center in the world.. For this reason, it remains one of the popular tourist vacation spot worldwide attracting millions of people annually. Unlike most cities, Madrid has a unique atmosphere. Regardless of the time you visit, there are plenty of things to see and do here. So pack your bags and head for Madrid on your next vacation.


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