Why Most Tourist Choose London Travel

The city of London is arguably one of the cities in the world that will put up a good fight in any contest to determine the \’world capital\’. London is blessed with a lot of diverse monumental and historical features. On one end you will see the old fashioned, at the other end you\’ll find the cutting-edge, while at yet another end you grace the traditional, all in one city! If you are planning your next visit to London, then this guide is for you.

First time visitors to London often find it very difficult getting around because the city is a big metropolis. And this experience often leaves a sour taste on the mouths of visitors. Worry no more about this phenomenon because with this guide there are a lot of amazing experiences in store for you while vacationing in London.

The British Museum is home to all the interesting artifacts that the British gathered during their reign as a powerful empire. Some of the greatest collections of Egyptian artifacts are also housed here.


Despite its rich traditions, London can go toe-to-toe with any other city of the world when it comes to social life. This fact is evidently expressed in its vast arrays of club scenes. It doesn\’t matter what your musical taste is, whether drum n\’ bass, indie, karaoke, or rock n\’ roll, London just has it on the table for you. All you have to do is visit any of its legendary clubs or the smaller ones tucked away under a railway arch and get your self blown away in its amazing night life. There is never a place on earth that cater to revelers and party goers like London.

Where To Go

London the Europe\’s capital city as it\’s fondly called by admirers, boast centuries of outstanding history that leaves visitors from all over the world in great awe. The city\’s busy airports, ancient underground network, numerous tourist sites, beautiful landmarks, amazing collections of modern art, historical museums and galleries, never ending buzz of events and dazzling nightlife all attest to the fact that London is indeed the \”world capital city\”

Some of the top tourist attractions in London worth visiting include Tate Modern Madame Tussauds, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Tower of London, British Museum etc. Shopping in London is fun and exciting. Reason being that there are plenty of shopping centers to choose from. Some of the popular shopping centers include Camden Market, Harrods, Oxford Street, Bond Street, Selfridges, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and much more.

Once you are in this great city, you will never be bored of sites to visit as it boasts of it in abundance. From the arts, architecture, and culture to music and food, the list of things to do is endless. Indeed, the blend of the traditional and modern lifestyle is not like what you have seen anywhere else in the world.

Finally, there are different kinds of accommodation option to cater to your needs. For the most memorable travel experience ever, stay at hotels close to top attractions and more importantly the airports. Since London is a hot spot among tourist worldwide, it is advisable to book you accommodation ahead of time to avoid any last minute problems. There are lots of great hotel deals online, so choose wisely and save money. Getting around London has never been easier with its many transport options including bus, train, taxi and aero plane. London is definitely an ideal location for vacation. So pull out your passport and make that visit!


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