Italy Vacation – A Pleasure and a Memorable Trip

Every year or maybe once every few years, you are faced with a chance to plan a holiday. The thrills of planning a vacation overseas can never be overemphasized. Nonetheless, it requires several months, if not years, of planning and saving.  Some people, however, are fortunate enough to plan a vacation at least once a year. It is important to consider the choice of location when planning a vacation to another part of the world. Remarkably, Italy is a beauties destination worth visiting on your next vacation.

The country consists of many different regions that boast energetic night life, colorful cultural activities, lovely attractions, picturesque countryside and not forgetting delicious Italian   food. Regardless of what you are looking for on your next travel, Italy has something for everyone.

Romantic Vacation

Couples, newlyweds and honeymooners are in for a treat of a lifetime. Italy comes second to none when it comes to romance. Enjoy the picturesque view of Venice or explore the ancient city of Rome with your partner. Another spectacular spot that guarantees a romantic vacation experience is Tuscany. Owing to its romantic stunning landscape, Tuscany is a perfect location to enjoy great moments with your other half. Perhaps, you still want to explore further then a trip to the historic city of Florence will do. Here you can enjoy great views of the countryside which attracts millions of people yearly including world renowned artists

Explore the Past

Traveling to places that are rich in history is actually fun and exciting. For some, it is boring and probably lack the enthusiastic feeling a holiday on the beach brings. Would you like to give it a go? If yes, then there is no better place to visit than Italy. Historical travel to Italy offers plenty of great things to do and places to see. Learn more about the different eras. Above all, any place that harbors the Romans has its own unique wealth of history.

Regardless of the city or town you are headed, there is something historically rich. In Rome, for instance, you will find the Coliseum from the Roman era and the Sistine Chapel, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest artworks ever. Florence is home to many lovely Renaissance ancient structures full of historical value. Verona is another destination steeped in history. It provided the setting for William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, hence a popular destination among history lovers. In addition, there are galleries, museums and buildings of great historical value worth visiting as well.

Visit Italy’s Opera Houses

Up to this present time, Italy never fails to fascinate visitors from around the globe. To learn more about the country’s rich history and culture, then you must include a visit to the Opera houses in Italy. Italy’s Opera houses is perfect for holidaymakers of all kinds including families with kids, couples, honeymooners and solo travelers. Although Italy is home to countless number of opera houses, here is an overview of some of the best that shouldn’t be missed. Teatro Alla Scala is located in Milan and was designed by Giuseppe Piermarini, a neoclassical architect. The opera theatre host several opera and ballets including La Scala Chorus, La Scala Theater ballet and La Scala Theater Orchestra. Teatro La Fenice, sometimes referred to as “The Phoenix” is one of the most popular opera houses in Europe. Located in Venice, the opera house has been rebuilt and renovated several times. other popular opera houses that should be in your list of must-visit places include Teatro San Carlo, Teatro Massimo, and Teatro Comunale di Bologna


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