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Top New York Hotel Deals

New York City is a popular city in the world that always leaves a mark on the heart of every visitor. Whether it\’s the Statue of Liberty or even the Empire State Building, the truth is everything about this city exudes an aura of pride and exuberance. While in this city, you can see several amazing sites like the two aforementioned monuments. Furthermore, you can also catch events like the Broadway show, arts exhibition at the Museum of Modern art, New year eve party at the Times Square, a football game at the Yankees stadium, and a Boxing or musical concerts at the famous MGM arena. In fact, New York is that perfect place to visit if you intend having an unforgettable vacation time.


The major drawback, however, is the high cost of accommodation in the city. It is advisable that prior to booking your flight to New York, do your research to know how much it will cost you to get an ideal accommodation. This is important, so that you don’t expend all the money in your pocket on booking a hotel.


So therefore, in order for you to get the best hotel deals for your vacation in New York, there are certain tips you are advised to adopt. These include:

  • Make good use of the internet:

In order to get the best deal, you have to make shrewd use of all online platforms available to you. This involves booking ahead of time or last minute bookings. Hotel rates are, for most part, determined by the forces of demand and supply. It increase during peak tourist seasons and decreases during off peak period. So if you book early enough and securing the cheapest room ever, then you stand a great chance of saving money. The internet is a great resource to finding what you really need.

  • Having a membership deal:

Another great way of getting discounts on hotel deals is by becoming a member of a chain of hotel. Other options include having a frequent flyer programs or through the credit card reward systems. One thing is sure especially if you are a member, you will definitely get the heads-up over everyone else. Having a membership deal offers great discounts on hotel accommodation

  • Recommendations

A simple recommendation might just be the little magic you need in getting an incredible hotel deal while in New York City. And most importantly, recommendation from a friend can be of great help. Every traveler wants a comfortable and serene place to stay with optimum security yet at a reasonable price. Of course, there are lots of budget accommodations in New York to cater to your needs and budget. All you need do is ask questions. This is the best way of finding great hotel deals.

  • Mid-Priced Hotels

It\’s advised that you consider the mid-priced hotels. Although these hotels are nothing compared to the 5 stars hotels but they can still serve your accommodation needs for the duration of your vacation. Some of the hotels worth trying out include: Chelsea Savoy Hotel, Tribeca, The Marcel, The Red Roof Inn, and The Milburn among others.

  • Location

Lastly, location plays a significant role in determining accommodation costs. Hotels in place like Manhattan are expected to be far more expensive than those in suburbs like Harlem, Soho and Tribeca. If you are keen on getting the best hotel deals, then you will go further outside Manhattan to suburbs like Brooklyn or Queens.

Finding the right hotel deal means one thing, making your reservations ahead of time. this is because everyone else is also looking for the same deal. As a result, New York hotels are based on a first come first serve basis. That’s how it is the world all over.

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