the Heart of Authentic Sicily

Finding the Heart of Authentic Sicily

Travel Articles | July 4, 2017

A group tour like no other, Prestige Holidays will take you right to the heart of Sicilian culture. You’d be Sicily to miss it!

We at Prestige Holidays understand this fear, which is why we have designed our Sicily group tour with the traveller in mind. Our itinerary will take you off the beaten track, making sure you experience the authentic Sicilian culture and cuisine, immersing you in the vast history of the island and revealing some of its best-kept secrets.For many people, the phrase ‘group tour’ immediately instils a sense of horror. It conjures images of a crowd of people being shepherded around the busiest tourist spots, unable to hear any of the information provided by the tour guides and feeling a bit cheated.

Under the expert guidance of Paul Stratton, gastronomists and history aficionados alike will feel like they have truly reached the heart of one of the largest and most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

Cuisine Connoisseurs

The very beginning of the tour begins at the heart of local Sicilian dining, which will set the tone for the rest of experiences Prestige Holidays will provide. You will spend the first three nights in the coastal town of Castellammare del Golfo, enjoying local trattoria dining and sampling the best of the local cuisine.

Later in the trip, you will be taken to a working olive oil farm in Mandranova, and be given the chance to taste this quintessential Italian cooking ingredient. For those with a sweeter inclination, fear not: in my opinion, the most luxurious chocolate in Europe is produced in Modica, and is made even better by the stunning views of the Monti Iblei.

Antiquity Aficionados

It is impossible to visit Sicily and not become immersed in the fascinating history of the island. However, it is possible to get side-tracked with the tourist spots and miss out on some of the island’s hidden gems. This itinerary is designed to give you the best of both, taking you through the island’s Roman, Greek, Arabic and Norman influences.

Sicily abounds in hilltop medieval towns, such as Erice and Naro, displaying Arabic features and remnants of Roman ruins. In Naro you will also find the Sanctuary of San Calogero, one of the oldest chapels on the island, as well as Baroque churches from a later period.

The island also boasts a stunning UNESCO-protected group. Tour the three sites of immense historical significance and absorb the glimpse into the past they provide, all while experiencing the local culture of the present. Finish your trip with a journey over the bridge into Ortigia, a small island separated from the mainland by a narrow channel. The island may be small but its history is not: spanning 2,500 years, you will discover Baroque and Norman architecture, as well as the Greek Temple of Apollo.

Find out more

If the authentic Sicilian experience appeals to your taste for culture and cuisine, Prestige Holidays can provide a group tour like no other. Relax in luxury as our expert guide reveals Sicily’s most unmissable locations. For more information on the truly authentic experience\"Business, give our team of advisors a call. Their local knowledge and recommendations are at your service.

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