5 year Journal

5 Year Journal

This Questions and Answers Based Journal Will Help Your Rediscover How You Think

The human mind is a very innate and complex object and the way we perceive things and how our moods and surroundings affect our thinking and decisions is very important. These are the complex matters this personal journal Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal by Pottery Style can help you with. It is available on Amazon.

It consists of daily personal journal entries for the next five years. You have to answer simple, yet sometimes thought-provoking questions every day for the next five years. It might seem a little overkill for a simple matter but it is not. It is also really easy to answer these brief questions on a daily basis.

The journal has some great customer reviews on Amazon and a nice overall rating. This shows that people really liked the book and how it offers an insight to your recent past, all in the shape of little questions that are very effective.

There are over 365 questions that you need to answer in a single year. Due to them being non-repetitive so much, you have to give over 1,825 answers over the course of five years. Once you start to have a longish record of your answers on this personal Q&A journal, you will realize how different or not so different your answers can be depending on the mood and the situation.

It also offers the nostalgia of rediscovering your past words and feelings and try to make a connection with the dynamic present. It is especially more interesting to write than a regular personal journal or diary that everybody is used to. It is because the small questions make it much easier to do it on a regular basis each day. In a regular personal journal or diary you have to define the topic, write how you feel and try to organize your thoughts.   \"\"

The questions in the 5-year Journal make things a lot simpler. By asking a question and giving limited space for you to write the answer, it tends to make the process simpler and more to-the-point on purpose. In this way, you can revisit your thoughts with ease and make it a regular thing each day. It is small enough to fit in your travel bag easily and it is also quite sturdy so the pages don’t come off from the binding and create a mess and the need for an extra binding.

It is especially useful for working people who don’t have time to gather their thoughts every day. With this handy little book, they can document and write their thoughts by answering these questions in between meetings, in waiting areas and other places. It is a great time kill and a healthy personal development exercise all in one.

Regarding customer reviews on the Q&A journal, I have to say that people tend to really like this concept. It is a different approach to doing things and encourages small, yet significant contributions on the journal. The design by Pottery Style was also very praised. Instead of having answers on different pages, you are given space for each answer for five years on the same page. In this way you can make direct comparisons between the differences and similarities in your answers in the journal.

Real insight and self-reflection is missing in our lives and that is what this Q&A 5-year journal hopes to address. We as a person evolve slowly and steadily every other day. Whether it is a positive or a negative change we really cannot tell because it is too gradual to tell the difference. This journal can help you keep track of the changes in your psyche and thinking and study your instincts. It can help you accelerate and nurture the positive attributes of your personality. Regarding negative behavior and thinking, the Q&A journal can help you subdue it and not to dwell on it, especially if it becomes a recurring theme. These traits can be anything from eating habits and addiction to movies to interpersonal relationships and getting things right at the workplace.

Once completed, the Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal can become an important part of your personal library. You can even buy a new one and start over but you can always go down memory lane in the old ones and compare the new you to the old you. It is really fun. With a really modest asking price, It offers a pragmatic solution to your diary problems.

You can buy the Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal by following this link.


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