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Best Cities to visit in Bali


There are many beautiful cities in Bali but to really break it down and decided where to go also really depends on what you are looking for. Are you a single guy/girl looking for the party spots? Are you a with your girlfriend/wife looking for something quiet and a little more romantic? Or are you traveling with your kids and need something a little more kid friendly? There are many amazing little towns in Bali, but the one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is that in every town I seemed to have visit you can find something to make everyone happy.

To give you a little insight this is possibly one of the most friendly cities I have been to, everyone is happy that you are there and exploring their country and learning about their culture. Me and my wife had traveled here for approx. 2 weeks of bouncing around from town to town to get a little more out of our trip, we stayed in some nice hotels and some cheaper Airbnb’s. below is the itinerary I created for our travels.


Mon 1/23/2017 JFK airport flight 8:15 PM
Tues 1/24/2017 Flying to Singapore and then Bali
Wed 1/25/2017 AirBnB – Semiyak
Thurs 1/26/2017 AirBnB – Semiyak
Fri 1/27/2017 Uluwatu Surf Villas – Uluwatu
Sat 1/28/2017 Uluwatu Surf Villas – Uluwatu
Sun 1/29/2017 Uluwatu Surf Villas – Uluwatu
Mon 1/30/2017 Uluwatu Surf Villas – Uluwatu
Tues 1/31/2017 Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa
Wed 2/1/2017 Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa
Thurs 2/2/2017 AYANA Resort and Spa Bali
Fri 2/3/2017 AYANA Resort and Spa Bali
Sat 2/4/2017 Hotel Tugu Bali
Sun 2/5/2017 AirBnB – Ubud
Mon 2/6/2017 AirBnB – Ubud
Tues 2/7/2017 AirBnB – Bingin Beach
Wed 2/8/2017 Fly to singapore 9:45 PM
Thurs 2/9/2017 Fly to JFK from Singapore 11:55 PM
Fri 2/10/2017 Arrival 11:15 am JFK


We started in Semiyak because from friends we have been told that Kuta is a very touristy area and everything is a bit over priced, from an after trip perspective yes they are probably over priced. However riding through the town via taxi you actually saw there are more stores than you could probably walk through in an entire day.

So if you are in town or in the area maybe stop by and go for a stroll, also you could make it your last stop before flying out. There are a couple restaurants that will allow you to store your luggage and also have free showers.


Our first stop was Seminyak we picked this place do to its somewhat close proximity to the airport, when booking I kept in mind the days I wanted to be in certain places. By this I mean Uluwatu has different parties during the summer on certain days and Ulu was planning to be my second stop, I didn’t want to spend more time in one place than other because we were only there for 2 weeks. Seminyak is a great little town, its very similar to Kuta but a little less touristy, we stayed at an Airbnb behind Ku De Ta. The location couldn’t have been any better, we could walk to everything we wanted, and the area had some amazing places to eat. The coffee shops in all of Bali are amazing by the way obviously some better than others but all in all its an awesome island is you love coffee shops. We spent our first day by getting a massage in our airbnb, having a 30 hour flight was a bit exhausting and what better way to fix that than by getting a 2 hour massage that was only $20 US per person.



If you love to surf here is your town, Uluwatu is located mostly up on the cliffs on the Southwest side of the island. Here we stayed at the Uluwatu surf villas, although there are a number of pretty cool places to stay in this area. We spent the days either hanging by the pool or down at Single Fins

Nusa Dua

Ehh, it was raining allot when we were over here and it is a pretty area, however it is very touristy and unless you find something you really want to see on this side of the island i would maybe skip it depending on how much time you have.


One of my favorites, its surrounded by rice fields and a relatively flat area. This little town has some very cool features and must be explored by a moped, some many roads that can be explored and the food alone up here is worth going to visit. Its a bit of a hipster town by the all around feel is pretty cool.


You could spend a while up here, although you seem to be pretty far away from everything you are still surrounded by tons of people. Let’s face it everywhere in Bali has amazing food so i wont begin to explain how many great places there are to eat up here,

Bingin Beach


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